Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thank You Uncle Sam! Caya Diaphragms Approved by the FDA for the USA

Great Christmas present for barrier contraceptive users, the FDA seems to have approved the Caya diaphragm for use in the USA. Check the press release here.

Yes, the Government has given the green light to more couples having sex without having to take hormonal contraceptives in order to avoid pregnancy. Thank you so much Uncle Sam, this is exactly what big government is for!

While our European cousins have been able to get hold of all sorts of diaphragms, cervical caps and natural spermicides for so long, us American's have just had to look on with envy.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories but I have noted a huge suppression of natural contraceptive methods in the US compared to other developed nations. So we're just supposed to take a pill, get an implant or a hormone loaded jab instead, right? But I'll get off my soap box...

So what is the Caya? Instead of the UFO style 'traditional' diaphragms which you can still get from BuyDiaphragms.com the Caya is a futuristic curvy type of affair. Reading suggests that new high tech springy-coily materials which form the previously circular forms of 'traditional' UFO diaphragms, can now be set in a specific vagina-friendly shape, giving a better fit. Makes sense to me. I'm sure I'm not a perfect circle inside there. The new shape would therefore give a better fit and so better contraceptive protection.

The other notable thing about the Caya diaphragm is that it comes in a single size. When I first read that I gave a small jump of joy for my diaphragm faithful friends out there, knowing what a nightmare they have getting a OB who actually understands diaphragms to assess the correct size. Apparently they come in sizes of 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 and 90mm. Think about how small 5mm is. It's a tiny amount. Then consider that if you grew in size (weight gain and loss impacts the dimensions of the vagina!) just enough to have a change of 3mm, you would be closer to the next size along. Staying on top of changing diaphragm sizes as you go through your reproductive life can be really difficult, especially as more and more doctors don't even have fitting kits!

As I said "When I first read that I gave a small jump of joy..." then I read the small print. I had jumped to the assumption it was a one-size-fits-all diaphragm. Not so. It only replaces the 65, 70, 75 and 80mm diaphragms, so you need to be fitted in the first place to know if you really fit into that size window, and then if your at the upper or lower size limit, presumably you would have to keep checking that were still the case and your size hadn't slipped out of that range.

So not a perfect solution but a big step forwards at least. It's a non-hormonal contraceptive which is FDA approved.

With the Caya, as you can imagine, a spermicide is needed. So the manufacturers of Gynol and Nontoxynol 9 will be very happy. Or you could go natural with Contragel, as I do. I still get mine from Jenny, her email is info at naturally-nice.com until they get the www.Naturally-Nice.com website working. Note to Jenny, I recommend you do this quickly, people need Contragel!

I myself use a FemCap. The main reason for this decision was indeed the fitting issues with diaphragms mentioned above (I didn't know how to get fitted for a diaphragm but found out about the FemCap whilst trying to work out a solution) as you don't need to be fitted for a FemCap. Covering the cervix as the FemCap does means you only need to know the size of your cervix - easier than you might think. Apparently when you reach puberty your cervix would be 22mm across and never changes unless you became pregnant. Pregnancy makes it 26mm, regardless of if you give birth vaginally or not. Then the only other cervix changing event would be a vaginal delivery. The dilation would be massive by comparison, but when everything settles down afterwards it shrinks back down to a 30mm diameter. Using this system means that you don't need a session in stirrups to choose the right size. Quite handy if your in a developing country with limited medical infrastructure. Orders for FemCaps along with questions about them can sent through www.BuyFemCap.com where every question I've ever had has been answered really quickly.

So who would win the battle of the contraceptives between a Caya and a FemCap?

I can only speak as a FemCap user here and don't actually know anyone who has used a Caya yet. I'm sold on the FemCap though. Why? Well it has to be for the fit of it. Think of popping a thimble on your thumb, a nice comfy fit right, now load it with Contragel and pop it on your thumb. Yeah, suction. There is an airtight (read sperm-tight) seal formed when the gel seals the gaps around the edge of the thimble or in my case the FemCap. The suction is broken for removal just by squishing it which breaks the seal, simple. That gives me a massive sense of security. I've heard of contraceptive failures by diaphragms slipping out of place, no idea if that could happen with the Caya and its new curvaceous design but the suction of the FemCap gives very reassuring peace of mind. Also a very minor point, hygiene. The FemCap is a sturdy chunk of strong silicone which is smooth and easy to clean, I even boiled it once, where as photos of the Caya has it with lots of  hard to clean crevices. I suspect that the flexible dome part of the diaphragm would be like a regular diaphragm too, even if it were a nicer shape, from the diaphragms I've handled I know that they wouldn't be as tough as a sturdy silicone FemCap, a nail or a ring could puncture it but in all honesty you would notice doing it and I don't think it should be a big worry.

There we go. A new diaphragm on the market to use with your Government approved N9 spermicide, I'd go with FemCap myself but that's just personal choice and I haven't tried a Caya either so it it's not a truly qualified opinion. Clicking around online I see the Caya available here at EthicalFamilyPlanning who I've come across many times before and seem to be a decent source of good products.

I'm almost back in the swing of regular posts now, I'll try and keep it up in the new year, my next post  will be about menstrual sponges, I've got them here now, next week should be 'that time of month' when I can give them a real test run.

Enjoy the festive period :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Can A Menstrual Sponge Be Used With Contragel As A Contraceptive?

Not such a random question, I've now been asked that 3 times in the last 2 months.

Maybe the squeeze on diaphragms is hitting people. I can just imagine all the shell shocked diaphragm users being cut off from their favorite barrier contraceptive and spermicide so they have to using sponges for contraception!

The menstrual sponge thing is something I have looked at before, never tried it though, popping a chunk of natural sponge where a tampon would have been and giving it a quick rinse a few times a day until your period's over. A damned good idea, its totally natural and biodegradable and once more shows that nature always does it best.

But adding Contragel and using it for contraception....mmm....

I know there is the Today Sponge and that must serve as a good precedent for spongey contraception but did you ever see the ingredients list - theres enough Nontoxynol 9 to take take down an elephant.

So switching the Today Sponge for a regular, natural sponge with a natural spermicide makes some sense. At this point I can hear my cousins voice in the distance, a corporate lawyer reminding me to cover my butt and say that DIY contraception is an unproven and risky option and you should check with your Doctor, GYN/OBY, healthcare provider, insurance company etc before embarking on any such initiatives, I guess that voice in the distance is right, in the butt covering sense at least.

Would it work? Well on the face of it you have a barrier and you have a spermicide, if the sponge is big enough it's forming a barrier and if the spermicide is thickly applied on the lower/outer half of the sponge it would get hit by the incoming sperm but I think we should look more closely.

A big wedge of sponge? That would limit penetration, right? So you would use a smaller one, so less barrier and potentially more movement.

Spermicide being applied on there is fine but aren't sponges absorbent? That would make me think of loads more being added to account for absorption.

If a diaphragm or Femcap wants to be left in place for 6 hours after the act to kill the sperm then the spongey option would have to respect that issue too.

Removal, seems fine, some menstrual sponge users wrap a bit of dental floss around their sponges for easier removal, given the urgh factor in this scenario dental floss would be a go-er.

Cleaning, drying and storage afterwards? I can't quite get my head around that one. The consistency of ejaculate makes me imagine it being well and truly embedded in the sponge pores and then to think of inserting it again....Im sure any sperm hidden in the pores of the sponge would have died off but still.... I hate to be wasteful but I would go for a new sponge every time. Or maybe I'd try soaking in vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil.

Could be done then. All of this chat about sponges, I think it's time I finally got around to give it a go, I'll check out these sponges that I was sent a link to via Twitter last weekend http://natural-intimacy.com/intimate-sponge.html and I'll let you know how I get on with the menstrual bit. If that goes ok I might investigate the contraceptive bit. I use a Femcap with Contragel already during my fertility window so it shouldn't be anything new for me but I just need to have the safety side of it clear in my mind first.

I'll let y'all know how I get on.

Also give me feedback, is http://buydiaphragms.com still shipping the diaphragms ok? Are people getting what they need (I was asking regarding the diaphragms, not the nookie!)? Contragel from Naturally-Nice.com ?

I heard a rumor about a new natural spermicide being tested in the US right now, not Contragel but something different. Anyone else hear about that?

Hopefully post again before the Christmas break!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Diaphragm Crisis - USA

So was it Obama care? Was it Al-Qaida? The Communists? Or maybe it's the Catholic Church. I'm not really sure what's going on but barrier contraceptive users are having a harder time than ever.

Ok, so maybe it sounds like a conspiracy theory in the making here and maybe Im a bit more caffeinated than is acceptable by any cardiologist, but after all of the tribulations of trying to get some natural spermicide, they have now taken away our diaphragms too!

My mail box is collapsed with my dearest friends and followers saying that over night it seems that the availability of diaphragms from drugstores has gone in a puff of smoke.

To be more specific, the main (or maybe the only?) diaphragm prescribed here in the States is or rather was the Ortho All Flex model, a flexi little number which is/was latex free. But from one day to the next it has disappeared with no trace and no explanation. You would think that there would be stock somewhere in the supply chain so a product recall could explain this, with all stock being sent back down the line but that's just guess work based on the lack of information and the suddenness of this vanishing act.

I served my time with diaphragms many years ago, these days I'm a FemCap user, the dinky little cervical cap, but only during my fertility window thanks to my lil'ole Cyclotest doing my charting for me.

But being the well connected gal that I am and wanting to help my girlfriends out who really want some loving' but can't quite play it safe, I've made a few calls and sent a few emails and it seems the consensus is that to buy diaphragms online right now you just head over to buy diaphragms.com.

That revelation with hindsight might not sound like investigative journalism at its greatest, the words obvious and freakin do spring to mind but let me explain.

When you Google "buy diaphragms" it pops up at the top. Im sure if you used Bing it would also show up at the top. I remember I used them myself years ago but things move on and maybe they couldn't really keep up with their orders given the disappearance of the Ortho now.

My friend in NYC, Caitlyn, took the plunge, ordered and a week later had a  new Milex diaphragm delivered to her door. I passed that knowledge on to a desperate follower on the West Coast who gave it a shot, 8 days later the mailman cam a knocking and she had her desired barrier contraceptive.

So there we go, the freakin obvious combined with hands on scientific testing and we have a 100% success rate on online orders with these guys.  http://buydiaphragms.com/store.html is the way to go, they do our beloved ContraGel too.

There's a flat rate 15 pounds shipping fee to the USA so even if you (panic) buy a few diaphragms a years supply of ContraGel, you still just pay the same shipping fee. So that's pounds, or Great British Pounds as our quaint transatlantic cousins like to remind us, maybe we should go with Great American Dollars.....

So 15 Great British Pounds is about 25 US, not the cheapest but the price of the diaphragm itself isn't so bad and if you buy more than 3 ContraGel the price drops to 10 pounds a tube, which even with any shipping combo you want to try is actually the best price that can be found.

Naturally-Nice.com are still in the US doing ContraGel (I called to check before posting this) but they don't do the diaphragms, however being in the US means they should be quicker with delivery if it's just the spermicide you want.

Please share any feedback as there's a lot of women that want to stay up to date on their buying options.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Natural Lovin', Obamacare and Unwanted Pregnancies

Now this blog post title may sound juicy, provocative and controversial but it's not quite that scandalous...I really wouldn't have enough time to deal with all the hate mail that a misguided blog post can reign in!

Obamacare, like it or loath it, managed to write itself into history for many reasons. The Government shutdown that controversially followed it was a whole chapter in US history on it's own and had a major impact on our supplies of natural spermicide.

Yes, Obamacare may already have increased the number of unwanted pregnancies and increased our birth rate in the USA.

As we know, many natural products have to be brought in from outside the US, especially if some big pharmaceutical company with major lobbying time could be loosing a few sales (ever thought that one diaphragm purchase could stop 5 years worth of hormonal contraceptive sales?). So our beloved diaphragms and Contragel have to be shipped in from our European cousins and guess what? The process of importing pretty simple packages (put a stamp on it, ship it, get it delivered, not rocket science now is it!) totally collapsed during the shut down.

I personally had a 3 week wait for what should have taken 5 days.

Now luckily this smart girl still had a few half tubes of Contragel squirreled away in the bedroom drawers, but how many women would have gone without a bit of natural lovin' due to their contraceptives getting held up in a mail sorting office waiting for some politicians to get on with their (highly paid) jobs?

Mmmmm....so did they go without or did they just chance it? Who knows. Maybe we should fix a diary event for 9 months to check for a spike in American births!

So was anything gained by all of the political game playing? Well I for one got really tired of watching the news which actually lead me to make a few new Facebook friends. Not sure if that's really a healthy benefit.

One thing that did happen as a result of all of this is that the guys'n'gals at naturally-nice.com who I've been getting some naturally nice European products from have somehow started shipping 'locally' within the states. Rather than send each and every package across the ocean and run the risk of sitting at some mail depot for 3 weeks, they're sending orders out locally from the US using stock they already have over here.

Not tried it out yet as my stupidly delayed package (not their fault, I know) has now arrived so I'm good for a few months, if anyone does give it a go please let me know if it's quicker and cheaper, the proposal sounds like it should be but reality can be real bitch with PMS sometimes!

Contact Jen through info@naturally-nice dot com who can get you fully informed.

BTW, I've had a few emails asking if I can recommend anyone for Contragel in Australia. Any suggestions people?

Catch up soon!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

ContraGel shipped to the USA, cheap and reliable!!

Okay, shameless plug here, I mentioned these guys in the UK a few months back, http://naturally-nice.com/ and exchanged a few emails, basically they sell ContraGel, online sales aren't their focus but they say if you email them they'll send you a Paypal request for 20GBP for the first tube (to cover shipping) and then 10GBP a tube after that.

I gave them a try (they said for the mention I would get some free products and I'm a sucker for free products :) ,and my large ContraGel order turned up with USPS a week later.  So I get to share the news, and get awesome free natural products. I"m a happy gal.

So pop them an email, give your address and number of tubes and they'll get back with a payment link. Random payments online as far as I'm aware are still covered by Paypal protection and most likely your credit card company so I felt confident enough to give it a try.

More later...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

FemProtect or Contragel?

Hey to the faithful followers of natural spermicides!

Okay so it's been a while I know, work, relationships and everything in between. So catching up with the natural spermicide scene I can see a few places have started to sell FemProtect with the USA. If anyone can pop me some info on that Ill do a write up. From what I can gather FemProtect is a valid product but for what ever reason the manufacturer hasn't got it registered as such which means it's sold 'under the counter' in both Europe (I think it's made in Germany?!) and the US. Given that an Aloa Vera+Lemon juice mix is good enough for some people it's hard to see how FemProtect could be any less effective. I guess it's just a question of it getting stamps, labels and approvals from the powers that be.

So good ol' Contragel. Is it better than FemProtect? Well I guess it's got it's papers in order and has signed up to all the right clubs but that doesn't really mean it's any better than FemProtect, right? Until I can get my fingers on some FemProtect I'll reserve an opinion on that but I think we can all be sure that they work :)

Regarding Contragel and the never ending saga of when WallMart will conveniently have it on a shelf within driving distance, I've noticed a few more online stores and Ebayers appearing and disappearing in the last year in the States, not sure if that's good news or bad. Does that mean they set up then had the men in black turn up to close them down for selling healthy natural products online?

Europe and Canada seem like the constant sources for buying Contragel in the US, the trick is finding someone who A)wants to sell to the US and B)doesn't have crazy, silly shipping prices.

A new one that I came across on a forum was http://naturally-nice.com/ Not exactly on online store, apparently it's a bricks and mortar high street store in the UK which doesn't (so far at least) have an online shopping-carty-thingy to order online, in fact I get the impression they just use the website for emails rather than online marketing. The fact is you can email them and they'll organize a Paypal payment and ship the stuff off to you. I contacted them to find out what else they do in case they have some interesting new goodies to try out and it seems they have a store full of natural cleaning products, body care ranges, herbal remedies etc, the kind of product range you expect to find in a regular 'natural' store.
When I asked about Contragel to the States and they actually asked how many cases i wanted!?!?! Seems they're more set up for wholesaling this stuff!

So that's my plug for those guys out of the way, I'll see if I can get a few freebie-samples from them for my efforts but in the meantime Its good to be back on the blog, looking back after a while I never realized there was so much one could write about on the subject!

More soon.........

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And The Crisis Continues

I always like to concider myself an eternal optimist so I hope you realize the frustration I've been suffering over the last weeks to arrive at the point when I make a blog post with a title like this.

The newspapers are full of such doom and gloom headlines about the economic crisis but my crisis is a sexual one. Well it's more of a safe sex crisis.

Those of you who know me around town in my little circuit of health and nature stores I try and visit ooh so often and those of you who follow my blog know that I'm a complete convert to my lil'old femcap and contragel to keep me out of the labor wards and safely in bed with my hubby. But now I can't get my contragel anymore!

Ok, not a huge crisis, I always have a few tubes kicking around. Half a tube in my overnight bag, a tube at his place and half a tube at mine so thats a good few weeks of fun safely guarenteed but I like to have a nice stock of all of my fave' foods just incase I want to binge out so in the same way i obses with having plenty of contragel when I need it as I really really can't be getting into the mothering league right now.

So I usually buy online from anywhere but the US and one by one the places I could buy from have now been closing their doors to shipments to the US. The story goes that contragel is safe and healthy in every other country in the world but the moment it arrives in an unmarked envelope on our shores it changes from being a natural, hormone free, contraceptive into being some deadly, toxic, flesh eating organism which will try and wipe out humanity. Starting in the bedroom. Well at least I guess that's the point of view of the FDA who have banned shipments of contragel to the US.

The conspiracy theorists could chatter about pharmacuetical giants wanting us all to take the pill or get some implant which they produce and others may say it's a foreign product so the FDA will never let a foreign country medicate us for their financial gain. What ever it is I'm now filling my inbox with replies from websites who say they can't or won't ship anymore to the good ol US of A.

I'll find some before I need it, it's the internet age, there's a economic crisis as I'm repeatedly reminded so some store with some contragel will eventually take my money, that's what capitalism is all about. But my frustration stems from some pen pushing buerocrats at the FDA who demonize a product just because they haven't taken the time to check it outt. Surely if it does turn into a swarm of killer wasps (big ironic tip of the hat to the conspiracy theorists out there ;) the moment I take the top off the tube then that's my risk and as a grown adult the government should allow me to make adult choices which may (or may not) impact my health. It's like limiting the gas peddle on my car so I can't go too fast. They place the speed restrictions and if I don't take their advise I could kill myself or someone else. So whilst we still have the ability to speed in a car why can't we self administer natural products like contragel, it's not even drugs we're discussing here.

So that's the rant over now. I guess by the time I wake up I'll be looking for the "delete post" link on this blog but boy do I feel better right now!

So if anyone has a cheap and reliable supplier of this evil, killer product, please do the unpatriotic thing and fire me an email. Appreciated!