Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Natural Lovin', Obamacare and Unwanted Pregnancies

Now this blog post title may sound juicy, provocative and controversial but it's not quite that scandalous...I really wouldn't have enough time to deal with all the hate mail that a misguided blog post can reign in!

Obamacare, like it or loath it, managed to write itself into history for many reasons. The Government shutdown that controversially followed it was a whole chapter in US history on it's own and had a major impact on our supplies of natural spermicide.

Yes, Obamacare may already have increased the number of unwanted pregnancies and increased our birth rate in the USA.

As we know, many natural products have to be brought in from outside the US, especially if some big pharmaceutical company with major lobbying time could be loosing a few sales (ever thought that one diaphragm purchase could stop 5 years worth of hormonal contraceptive sales?). So our beloved diaphragms and Contragel have to be shipped in from our European cousins and guess what? The process of importing pretty simple packages (put a stamp on it, ship it, get it delivered, not rocket science now is it!) totally collapsed during the shut down.

I personally had a 3 week wait for what should have taken 5 days.

Now luckily this smart girl still had a few half tubes of Contragel squirreled away in the bedroom drawers, but how many women would have gone without a bit of natural lovin' due to their contraceptives getting held up in a mail sorting office waiting for some politicians to get on with their (highly paid) jobs?

Mmmmm....so did they go without or did they just chance it? Who knows. Maybe we should fix a diary event for 9 months to check for a spike in American births!

So was anything gained by all of the political game playing? Well I for one got really tired of watching the news which actually lead me to make a few new Facebook friends. Not sure if that's really a healthy benefit.

One thing that did happen as a result of all of this is that the guys'n'gals at naturally-nice.com who I've been getting some naturally nice European products from have somehow started shipping 'locally' within the states. Rather than send each and every package across the ocean and run the risk of sitting at some mail depot for 3 weeks, they're sending orders out locally from the US using stock they already have over here.

Not tried it out yet as my stupidly delayed package (not their fault, I know) has now arrived so I'm good for a few months, if anyone does give it a go please let me know if it's quicker and cheaper, the proposal sounds like it should be but reality can be real bitch with PMS sometimes!

Contact Jen through info@naturally-nice dot com who can get you fully informed.

BTW, I've had a few emails asking if I can recommend anyone for Contragel in Australia. Any suggestions people?

Catch up soon!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

ContraGel shipped to the USA, cheap and reliable!!

Okay, shameless plug here, I mentioned these guys in the UK a few months back, http://naturally-nice.com/ and exchanged a few emails, basically they sell ContraGel, online sales aren't their focus but they say if you email them they'll send you a Paypal request for 20GBP for the first tube (to cover shipping) and then 10GBP a tube after that.

I gave them a try (they said for the mention they would double what ever order I placed, oh how I love the power of blogging) and my large ContraGel order turned up with USPS a week later. How fulfilling a bit of sharing can be :)

So pop them an email, give your address and number of tubes and they'll get back with a payment link. Random payments online as far as I'm aware are still covered by Paypal protection and most likely your credit card company so I felt confident enough to give it a try.

More later...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

FemProtect or Contragel?

Hey to the faithful followers of natural spermicides!

Okay so it's been a while I know, work, relationships and everything in between. So catching up with the natural spermicide scene I can see a few places have started to sell FemProtect with the USA. If anyone can pop me some info on that Ill do a write up. From what I can gather FemProtect is a valid product but for what ever reason the manufacturer hasn't got it registered as such which means it's sold 'under the counter' in both Europe (I think it's made in Germany?!) and the US. Given that an Aloa Vera+Lemon juice mix is good enough for some people it's hard to see how FemProtect could be any less effective. I guess it's just a question of it getting stamps, labels and approvals from the powers that be.

So good ol' Contragel. Is it better than FemProtect? Well I guess it's got it's papers in order and has signed up to all the right clubs but that doesn't really mean it's any better than FemProtect, right? Until I can get my fingers on some FemProtect I'll reserve an opinion on that but I think we can all be sure that they work :)

Regarding Contragel and the never ending saga of when WallMart will conveniently have it on a shelf within driving distance, I've noticed a few more online stores and Ebayers appearing and disappearing in the last year in the States, not sure if that's good news or bad. Does that mean they set up then had the men in black turn up to close them down for selling healthy natural products online?

Europe and Canada seem like the constant sources for buying Contragel in the US, the trick is finding someone who A)wants to sell to the US and B)doesn't have crazy, silly shipping prices.

A new one that I came across on a forum was http://naturally-nice.com/ Not exactly on online store, apparently it's a bricks and mortar high street store in the UK which doesn't (so far at least) have an online shopping-carty-thingy to order online, in fact I get the impression they just use the website for emails rather than online marketing. The fact is you can email them and they'll organize a Paypal payment and ship the stuff off to you. I contacted them to find out what else they do in case they have some interesting new goodies to try out and it seems they have a store full of natural cleaning products, body care ranges, herbal remedies etc, the kind of product range you expect to find in a regular 'natural' store.
When I asked about Contragel to the States and they actually asked how many cases i wanted!?!?! Seems they're more set up for wholesaling this stuff!

So that's my plug for those guys out of the way, I'll see if I can get a few freebie-samples from them for my efforts but in the meantime Its good to be back on the blog, looking back after a while I never realized there was so much one could write about on the subject!

More soon.........

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And The Crisis Continues

I always like to concider myself an eternal optimist so I hope you realize the frustration I've been suffering over the last weeks to arrive at the point when I make a blog post with a title like this.

The newspapers are full of such doom and gloom headlines about the economic crisis but my crisis is a sexual one. Well it's more of a safe sex crisis.

Those of you who know me around town in my little circuit of health and nature stores I try and visit ooh so often and those of you who follow my blog know that I'm a complete convert to my lil'old femcap and contragel to keep me out of the labor wards and safely in bed with my hubby. But now I can't get my contragel anymore!

Ok, not a huge crisis, I always have a few tubes kicking around. Half a tube in my overnight bag, a tube at his place and half a tube at mine so thats a good few weeks of fun safely guarenteed but I like to have a nice stock of all of my fave' foods just incase I want to binge out so in the same way i obses with having plenty of contragel when I need it as I really really can't be getting into the mothering league right now.

So I usually buy online from anywhere but the US and one by one the places I could buy from have now been closing their doors to shipments to the US. The story goes that contragel is safe and healthy in every other country in the world but the moment it arrives in an unmarked envelope on our shores it changes from being a natural, hormone free, contraceptive into being some deadly, toxic, flesh eating organism which will try and wipe out humanity. Starting in the bedroom. Well at least I guess that's the point of view of the FDA who have banned shipments of contragel to the US.

The conspiracy theorists could chatter about pharmacuetical giants wanting us all to take the pill or get some implant which they produce and others may say it's a foreign product so the FDA will never let a foreign country medicate us for their financial gain. What ever it is I'm now filling my inbox with replies from websites who say they can't or won't ship anymore to the good ol US of A.

I'll find some before I need it, it's the internet age, there's a economic crisis as I'm repeatedly reminded so some store with some contragel will eventually take my money, that's what capitalism is all about. But my frustration stems from some pen pushing buerocrats at the FDA who demonize a product just because they haven't taken the time to check it outt. Surely if it does turn into a swarm of killer wasps (big ironic tip of the hat to the conspiracy theorists out there ;) the moment I take the top off the tube then that's my risk and as a grown adult the government should allow me to make adult choices which may (or may not) impact my health. It's like limiting the gas peddle on my car so I can't go too fast. They place the speed restrictions and if I don't take their advise I could kill myself or someone else. So whilst we still have the ability to speed in a car why can't we self administer natural products like contragel, it's not even drugs we're discussing here.

So that's the rant over now. I guess by the time I wake up I'll be looking for the "delete post" link on this blog but boy do I feel better right now!

So if anyone has a cheap and reliable supplier of this evil, killer product, please do the unpatriotic thing and fire me an email. Appreciated!

Monday, October 24, 2011

How does Contragel actually kill sperm if its natural?

I’ve received lots of emails asking me how contragel works and, if its natural, how it can reliably kill spermicide.  Many people question its safety as well.

So, in this post, I’m going to do my best to answer the above questions and more, so you can understand how spermicides such as Contragel actually work.

To begin with, a spermicidal gel fulfils more than one function.  It actually does a few jobs.

First, it acts as sealant between your body and your barrier contraceptive device.  For example, if you were to hold a marker pen in your hand and squeeze it tightly between your thumb and index finger, you’d notice that, no matter how hard you squeeze, you would not be able to form a watertight seal.  The vaginal walls would be far less strong in comparison, therefore the seal formed between the walls and your diaphragm wouldn’t be complete or watertight.  So, the first function of a spermcidal gel is to act as a viscous gel that seals the gaps and acts a physical barrier.  If you were using a cervical cap, the gel would also increase its suction and hold it up agaisnt the cervix more firmly.

The second function spermicidal gel fulfills is that it acts as a barrier, viscous substance which most of the ejaculate sticks to, therefore restricting its movement.

The third function it fulfils is to actually kill the sperm. Nonoxynol 9 does this as a microbicide, physically breaking down cells in a brutal way (which is why it causes a lot of reported irritations with even occasional users). ContraGel uses the PH level of its Lactic Acid ingredient to kill the sperm. The PH is relatively extreme to the sperm and the swimmers are unable to survive in such a hostile environment.

The actual killing of the sperm takes only a short time, which is why cervical cap and diaphragm manufacturers always insist on leaving them in place for 6 to 8 hours before removing them.  These instructions are put in place to reduce the chance of contamination of the cervix with living sperm when the barrier is removed.

The reliability of Contragel is based sole on the reliability of the cervical cap or diaphragm you are using it with - if you don’t use them correctly, using ContraGel won’t eliminate all chances of conception.  This also brings up the many questions I receive asking whether Contragel can be used on its own or not.  The official answer is no and the unofficial answer is that I personally wouldn’t try it.  I feel much safer knowing that a physical barrier of silicone is shutting the door to incoming sperm.  To be honest, I don’t think I’d be able to relax and enjoy the moment if I were relying on a gel to catch all the ejaculate and block it from my cervix.

Another thing about reliability.  You should only use contragel, diaphragms, cervical caps or any other barrier system of contraception when you actually need it, you don’t need to bother with it when you don’t need it.  What do i mean by this?  Well, speaking with my gyno, who turned me onto the femcap was very enlightening.  What I kind of knew but never really put into practice was the concept of only being able to get pregnant for about one week each cycle.  Its what the natural family planning crowd in the Catholic Church use.  The main difference between their method and other, non-religious methods is that they are meant to abstain from sex during that fertile week (abstain: a word not in my vocabulary, I had to spell check it :) whereas I just pop my new Femcap.  Alright, there’s a bit more to it than that, I’ll try and blog about that later.

Hope this answers most of your questions.  If you have any more, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and ask!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Barrier Contraceptive Switch: From Diaphragm to FemCap

I've been a diaphragm user for most of my adult life and over the past few years, I've found it increasingly hard to get a hold of.  I assume the difficulty can be attributed to the popularity of hormonal birth control and how prevelant it is in our society today.  I found my last diaphragm about a year ago from this site: www.buydiaphragms.com.  I was really happy with the diaphragm and the process of ordering online (which I was a little apprehensive to do at first).  But last week, I went to my gynaecologist and she told me I needed to move up a size. I was a bit bummed because I wasn't planning on having to buy another diaphragm for a while.  Then, my gynocologist told me about something called a FemCap, which is a cervical cap for women, which size is only dependent on a woman's birth history, which is more straight forward than the sizing of diaphragms. (it only changes if/after you give birth)

I wasn't completely sold on it during the appointment so I did some research on the FemCap when I got home.  I stumbled upon a site: http://ethicalfamilyplanning.com/femcap and read all about the femcap and how it compares with diaphragms and other forms of non-hormonal contraception.  The Femcap is much smaller than the diaphragm and comes in a much more conspicuous (and cuter) case, which would be handy if it fell out of my handbag!

So, I ordered it online from the same site (http://ethicalfamilyplanning.com), it was delivered on time and everything and begain using it straight away.  So far, it's been excellent.  It's much more comfortable than my old diaphragm and my husband can't even feel it during intercourse.  I hardly notice it myself.

The best part about this is that the FemCap works great with CongraGel, which, from the title of this blog, you know I'm all about natural spermicide and avoiding chemicals at all costs, so I was really excited.  Actually, you can buy Contragel from the same site I bought the Femcap and it's even recommended and included in the purchase page.  Great stuff!  I've been using ContraGel green for about 4 years now and have been so pleased with it.  When I first looked into it online, I didn't come across any scandalous or negative stories on any forums and everything I saw written about it was quite positive and encouraging.  I feel very confident with it and highly recommend it.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful.  I really recommend any diaphragm user to check out the FemCap, it's more modern and comfortable, and probably worth making the switch!

Monday, January 17, 2011

ContraGel Green - An Overview

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned a natural alternative to N-9 spermicide, which was ContraGel Green.  I wanted to explain a little more about this product to give you a better idea as to why I love using it and why it might be just what you're looking for.  As mentioned earlier, N-9 spermicides tend to irritate a large amount of their users because they contain the harsh chemical ingredient, nonoxynol-9 (N-9) which is also found in cleaning products. 

The key points to take note of about ContraGel Green are:
  • Instantly reversible contraception.
  • Does not contain Nonoxynol 9.
  • Hormone-free
  • Available Over The Counter (OTC Non-Prescription)
  • Over 35 years production history.
  • European manufactured.
  • CE 0124 certified and health approved in Canada.
  • Always in stock
  • Shipped within 48 Hours

100% Natural Ingredients:

  • Water
  • Lactic Acid
  • Sodium Lactate
  • Methyl Cellulose
  • Sorbic Acid
Because lactic-acid based spermicides such as ContraGel Green are water soluble, they are safe to use with natural latex rubber and polyurethane condoms, latex and silicon rubber diaphragms, and cervical caps. ContraGel Green forms a mechanical barrier with a low PH value in front of the cervix when used with a diaphragm or cervical cap. This inhibits and immobilizes the sperm. When used together, the contraceptive barrier (such as the diaphragm) and ContraGel Green provide twice the amount of contraceptive protection.

ContraGel is a great alternative for those wanting to practice a more natural form of birth control. Femprotect is also another lactic acid-based spermicide which is based upon the formula used for DiaphragmaGel Lacto. Because no clinical studies have been conducted to prove Femprotect’s effective or ineffectiveness as a spermicide, you must use it at your own risk. ContraGel on the other hand, has been approved for use by the European Union and has been issued the CE 0124 mark.

While most spermicides are sold in 30 ml tubes for around the same price, ContraGel comes in a 60ml tube. Not only are you avoiding the potentially harmfully risks associated with using N-9 spermicides, you’re also saving a bundle of money!

Contragel is a tried and tested alternative to spermicide that has been developed and used for over 35 years. It was first manufactured by the Family Planning Association (NVSH) from 1972 until 2003 under the name Contracep Green. It was brought back into production by consumer demand by a German based ISO 13458 Certified manufacturer, DeltaMed GmbH, and was rebranded as ControlGel Green

ContraGel Green is a Class IIa medical device approved for retail sale and home use under CE 0124 certification. No medical prescription is needed to purchase ContraGel Green (available OTC) and each unit comes with instructions in English, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish.

  • ContraGel Green is intended for use in conjunction with barrier methods of contraception such as cervical caps (FemCap), condoms and diaphragms.
  • ContraGel Green does not protect against HIV (AIDS) or any other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). To prevent the transmission of STDs, you should use a latex condom or abstain from sex.
  • If irritation or discolouration occurs on the vagina or penis after using Contragel Green, discontinue use.
  • Pregnant women and those that may be pregnant should not use Contragel Green.

Hope that helps guys! Just thought I'd share a bit about the spermicide that I'm currently using because I'm super happy with it!